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Retreat Manager is the premier management software designed and developed specifically for Spiritual Retreat Centers.

Built upon the business logic of several prominent Spiritual Retreat Centers, Retreat Manager blends the management aspects of hotels, conference centers, and food service planning into a singular management system required by today's contemporary Spiritual Retreat Center.   Retreat Manager is more than an event management system, more than a conference center coordination system, more than a hotel reservation system, and much more than any other Retreat management product ... it is the expansion and integration of all these essential systems into one.

The primary development goals for Retreat Manager were:

bulletEfficiency and Simplicity
bulletAccuracy and Completeness
bulletFun, Colorful, Elegant, Fast
bulletSpiritual Retreat Centers only

Retreat Manager is an investment in the management and operational strength of your Spiritual Retreat Center.

After reviewing the contents of this website, if you have questions about our product or services, please feel free to call or email us.

Thank you ...
Clint Keller, President
Retreat Management Systems


Send mail to CKeller@RetreatManager.com for information or a demo.
Last modified: 11/16/09